Sunday, 9 November 2014

Patriarchy.. From where it all Started

Patriarchy... another social practice that I have been studying since childhood, a word signifying inequality between men and women, where women are disadvantaged and oppressed. As a child I used to read, cram and write about it during examinations, but never tried to see the consequences of the same. As I am growing up the consequences are coming all in front of me slowly and steadily. 

The boys in most of the families are brought up with many phrases which unknowingly inculcates something bad in them.
Boys never Cry...!!
Boys should rule..!!
Boys are never Wrong..!!

Girls are being Raped.. Abused.. Attacked by acid.. and then Accused for the same. After attempting this with a girl, a boy like a vagabond, start searching for another prey. This is on since long. We read it, we feel sad, discuss about it and after a month or two, forget it as many new chapters of the same kind are already there to be discussed.

Patriarchy... this is where it all started... Wikipedia says, it is a social system, where fathers or father-figures hold authority over women and children. Authority??? A power or right, to give orders, make decision, and enforce obedience. A power to beat a woman when not in good mood and spill all your frustration out on her as if you have bring her home for this purpose only. A power to use her when ever you want to use. A power to throw her out of the house just because she is not well and sometime fails to fulfill your requirement. This is what a boy learns from his so called father figure and implement the same or something worst on his wife, love, girlfriend or someone unknown. Just because he wants to tell that yes I am a man and far more powerful than you.!

Being a girl, we face many things, listening to boy's useless comments and ignoring them is kind of our daily business today. Our heart says, we should not ignore that and answer them back, and mind warns us that they may show their power in the worst way possible and then we will become criminals in front of society.

But one thing I know is they are not born like this. Like every child, they too were innocent, pure, away from evil and hatred. Then who is responsible behind them to be like this. Why are they brought up like this that they see fun in all this? Why the hell can't they control themselves?

Every time and again something like this happens, we in a group create a scene against our government. How much the government is responsible for this? Is it CM or PM with home your son is staying. Are they the one who is inculcating habits good or bad in them? Are they the one who are teaching to disrespect women.

I am sorry to say, but if you are failing to teach your son the difference between good and bad doings and he is becoming a bad doer then no one else but you are the one to be blamed.

Instead of taking so much interest in Kiss of Love like protests where both the doers are equally involved, I think we should focus more on the things where your son is forcing someone else's daughter for something unwanted, unacceptable and kill him if you can't stop him..!!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Craziness Lies Here..

Crazy About Key-rings...
Mad About Soft Toys

Nothing to write in this post... I just adore them... <3

Monday, 4 August 2014

A Girl lost within herself..!!

This post is in remembrance of a girl very close to me.. I am in touch with her since birth.. All the happiness we have celebrated together. In all the moments of sorrow, we both have shed tears together. She is the only one I can spend time with when I actually want to be alone.

As a kid she was lively. Kind of very cheerful, confident personality. She used to live in the world of her dreams which was far better than reality. She had many hobbies. There was a time when she loved to paint, to sing to dance. But slowly all the things got disappeared. She has no interests now. She was lost... completely lost...!!

I was with her all the time and I regret that I failed to understand what went wrong with her that she became the way she is now. From her life I had learnt many things

I had learnt that one needs some motivation when he/she initiates something new.
I had learnt that no matter  how bad one is at something a day will come when he/she will improve drastically in that field. Only thing needed is support and some respect from nearer ones.
I had learnt that surroundings in which you are spending most of your time will leave a great impact on your personality.
I had learnt that no matter how bad a kid performs something, I will never make fun of him/her as no one is born skillful. You have not attained mastery in something in just single day.

She was betrayed... Betrayed by someone.

From her betrayal, I had learnt that no matter what has been done with you, you will never be able to speak all the things because of some fear in your heart. You will be forced to be a part of happiness and sorrows of the one who betrayed you.

From her I had learnt that being innocent on this earth is not less than a curse.

The world has left a great remark on her life. The world has done what it is known for..

                                                  The world has changed her.

When she looks back in her life and when she looks today at herself, she fails to correlate the two souls.

I want the old her back. The old friend of mine. The one with charm on her face, confident in her eyes.

The lessons learnt are learnt by me as well as her. Now it is time to move on....

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

HaPpIeee BIrtHDay PaPa...

Happy Birthday My Hitler.. I Miss You A Lot... :(

Seven Years ago, same day you were lying in front of me..
At sharp 12 am I wanted to hug you tight but knew you will not hug me back..
I wanted to sing birthday song for you but knew you will not listen to me anymore.
I wanted to give you something on your birthday.. But knew you will not accept it..
I wanted you to cut cake and let me eat whole of it.
I wanted you to smile
I wanted you to talk
I wanted you to listen
I wanted you to to be happy
But... You were not even reacting...

Why didn't you get up that very day?
You chose to sleep and never to get up.
Your loved ones were crying for you dad.. and you kept silent.. You didn't utter a single word out of your mouth and let them cry on your own Birthday..!!
You knew that you are the only man on this earth I love and Trust.. Still you left me.
You were special for me.. You were my hero.. You didn't even let me tell you that how much I love you.
You didn't even gave me chance to say you good bye..
You just went away.. Without giving me a reason of the same.. I was just sitting behind you Dad.. Then why didn't you tell me?

We used to share every single thing then why not this?
You didn't even care how will I feel when you leave me.
You didn't care with whom will I fight and call Hitler.
You didn't even care with whom will I share my thoughts.
I miss the sound of your footsteps on the gate.
I miss the way you used to love me. I miss the way you took care of me. I miss the way you used to scold me when I do some thing wrong.
I Miss you yr..
I see your dreams.. They make me feel happy and sad at the same time.  I wanted you to be with me now..
I wanted you to say to me " No worries dear.. Keep going.. I am with you.. and Proud of you."
I wanted you to tell me what to do when I am in dilemma.
I never wanted you to be part of my dreams. I wanted you to be with me always.. I never imagined a life without you. But you passed away...!! 

I loved you dad.. And I love you.. And you know I will love you always..
I Miss You.. I feel bad that you left me alone.. But my love for you surpasses it..
Where ever you are stay happiee.. And keep on showering your blessings on me...

Happy Birthday Dad... <3

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Honesty and Hard Work sometimes do not Pay Off..!!

The topic may be strange for many people. Honesty and Hard Work are the things that are praised by all but not always...

Today I realize that I was smart as a kid :D

My maa tells me that I used to score good when I was in primary in my class test even if I didn't prepare for them... (How Intelligent I was.. :D)
She is a mother and knows that m not born with super powers (I can't be Dexter of Dexter's Laboratory but I am didi for sure.. :D ask my brother for that) to know what is written in the book without opening them.
She one day asked me how do I score so good as I don't know about anything written in the book, I gave a very cute reply as per her and that was:

" Meko aata to ni.. Bs main thoda aage wale se dkh leti hun and thoda pichhe wale se dkh leti hun."

I was honest to her and hence might have got a slap from her because of this cheating work I did. But I was smarter with the teachers whose test I was taking. I never told her that I don't know anything.

So as far as my perceptions are concerned, Smart Work and Honesty can't run hand in hand.

Then onwards my mother started taking me seriously in terms of studies and make me learn every single thing written in those notebooks in my poor handwriting.. :P (Only my maa is able to understand it.. Thank God she can.. )

Because of the hard work she did on me slowly and steadily I was amongst who believe in hard work.

Now m grown up.. done with my schooling and college..  Now m marching towards the other world a lil farther from the one where grades were used to test your capabilities. Every single day when I go out for work I realize that in today's era your hard work will not be respected if you are not a smart worker.

                                          It Will NOT Pay OFF.

It doesn't matter if you work till your back cracks as long as it's worth in the eyes of those for whom you work.

Feel, Sense and Learn from the people around you. What they do. How they do. You will learn to handle them
But keep Believing  in hard work as smart work and hard work makes a great COMBO of Hybrid Work... (My brother told me this though.. Not tested by me.. :P)

And as far as being smarter is concern, stay happy for that.. The world will make you learn what it feels is correct and you will learn to act smart one day.
Still believing on:

"Your hard work might not pay off today or tomorrow, but it will eventually pay off"

still will do what I am habitual of and world will make me smarter.

Closing writing today, believing my hard work will may off.. not today.. not tomorrow.. But want it to pay off before I close my eyes, stop breathing, lose my sense of feeling... Before I DIE..