Monday, 4 August 2014

A Girl lost within herself..!!

This post is in remembrance of a girl very close to me.. I am in touch with her since birth.. All the happiness we have celebrated together. In all the moments of sorrow, we both have shed tears together. She is the only one I can spend time with when I actually want to be alone.

As a kid she was lively. Kind of very cheerful, confident personality. She used to live in the world of her dreams which was far better than reality. She had many hobbies. There was a time when she loved to paint, to sing to dance. But slowly all the things got disappeared. She has no interests now. She was lost... completely lost...!!

I was with her all the time and I regret that I failed to understand what went wrong with her that she became the way she is now. From her life I had learnt many things

I had learnt that one needs some motivation when he/she initiates something new.
I had learnt that no matter  how bad one is at something a day will come when he/she will improve drastically in that field. Only thing needed is support and some respect from nearer ones.
I had learnt that surroundings in which you are spending most of your time will leave a great impact on your personality.
I had learnt that no matter how bad a kid performs something, I will never make fun of him/her as no one is born skillful. You have not attained mastery in something in just single day.

She was betrayed... Betrayed by someone.

From her betrayal, I had learnt that no matter what has been done with you, you will never be able to speak all the things because of some fear in your heart. You will be forced to be a part of happiness and sorrows of the one who betrayed you.

From her I had learnt that being innocent on this earth is not less than a curse.

The world has left a great remark on her life. The world has done what it is known for..

                                                  The world has changed her.

When she looks back in her life and when she looks today at herself, she fails to correlate the two souls.

I want the old her back. The old friend of mine. The one with charm on her face, confident in her eyes.

The lessons learnt are learnt by me as well as her. Now it is time to move on....