Sunday, 20 December 2015

Fall in love alone...!!

We have heard about many love stories, watched many movies based on love.. It feels good to see and hear such stories.. When one is fully devoted to other.. Ready to do any thing for their love.. Ready to cross any hurdle which comes their way..
Sometimes we hear stories of one sided love.. When one is ready to do anything to be loved by the loved one.. Few become successful and few pass their life listening to old Bollywood songs and gazals..
One sided love....!!! How it feels like when you are being loved by someone and in return you are not able to love them back the same.. Because love is all about the feeling and you don't have one.. How it feels like when you see someone crying in front of you just because they want you and just you but you can't ask them to stop crying and feel helpless as you know that you are the reason behind their tears.. You can do nothing except feeling sorry for yourself.. Feeling restless... And there comes a time when you somewhat fall in front of your own eyes.. Because you can see other person ruining life because of you..!! 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Girl.. Go and pick those pieces up!!

Those dreams I saw with eyes full of tears..
Are scattered into pieces and its time to pick that up..
The girls I chose to be once in my lifetime..
Is lost somewhere and its time to bring back her..

The love I thought I will fell into once..
Exists nowhere now and I want to bring it back on earth..
They say I am a dead soul in a body of girl..
And I am wandering for someone who can bring life in the girl..

I know I am not smart enough to understand the world around me..
But I am happy with the perception I have, as sometimes it lit up my face with glee..
I am telling the world not to stand on the door and block the way..
Either move out or come in if you wish to stay..

I may or may not behave the way you want me if you stay..
But I am sorry dear its my life and I have full rights to play..
As now the girl will go and pick those scattered pieces up..
Come along with me if you think I am right..
Else I will lit a candle and show you your way..

Monday, 9 February 2015

Boys... Love... Valentine... Confusion

February is on the run, the month of love. But I am confused, confused about what love is. confused about what boys actually are. Confused because what they think, what they do and what they say is pole apart.

Boys around me tell me that being too much friendly with boys is not good.. Amazed... how united they stand...

Boys around me talk about being friend zoned and on the other hand they don't let the girls around them being in relationship giving the most useless reason they can think of. So guys you yourself don't leave an option with us..

Boys say that if you talk with other boys nicely they feel like the girl is easily approachable symbolizing you are open for a relationship.. Funny Isn't it?

Grow up guys... The world has a lot beyond this relationship thing... Girls are far beyond what you think.. When we say you NO for a relationship you name it as our attitude.. Its not attitude.. Its something high above your altitude.

Stop talking with a girl with same attitude.. Stop approaching a girl with same thought in your mind..
There are other strong bonds existing on the planet please think about them also..

I know you all are not the same as I have few in my life above from all this... Few who are fun to be with, without any name given to our relation.