Saturday, 8 September 2012

Discovering New Things

God has gifted, we the human being with a very special thing... MIND. And it keeps on working 24*7. Many of our scientist used some part of their huge mind and invented something :\
Gravitational force... I think that is the only reason I don't like apples because it made me to study a lot of concepts not only about earth but also about other celestial body revolving around earth....
I wish Newton had just picked up that apple and ate it rather than thinking, why it fall on Ground!!! Huh :\
Well, Now there is no use of discussing it.. we have to understand their mind, and force our small mind to compete their huge mind and understand what huge mind of theirs thought at that point of time.....
Actually, a human brain keeps on working every time, so it keeps on thinking, the only work it has!!
some of the great working mind invent something and makes future generation to cram it.
some of the mind keep thinking about other souls.. and.....
some minds discover something new about their own self everyday.
I wish my mind to fall in the third mentioned category..
no doubt 1st one will provide me name and fame... but my mind is not toooooo huge to think differently about the things like falling apples.. I am among those who will just grab the opportunity and eat it... :)
2nd category is not of my kind... actually i dont want to use my mind unnecessarily.. I do think about my family, and the one whom I want to be a part of it.. but they are a part of me and I am incomplete without them... so knowing them is equivalent to know myself... :D
from the very first day, I had a control over my mind, I had a desire to know myself.. and I am finding one life very short to have a good knowledge about myself. I don't know how many days of my life are left, will I be able to know me in those many days??
In the past days of my life, I was searching for a person who can understand me well.. But now I realize that how can I demand this from life? If I can't understand myself, how can I expect this from other? I don't know why I react differently at the same situation happening two times.. what my reaction will be when the same time will come again.... :(
So now I am trying to discover new things about myself...
will do it for sure...
and hopefully, very soon I will write something which will be describing me, my soul... rather than something else about me....
till then stay tuned to :)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dreams Of Middle Class Family..

Dreams, Desires, Wish..... These few things are always carried by a normal human being....  Some of them, those how are born with a silver spoon, have licence to see big dreams, Having big desires, and keep on wishing something new every now and then... And the people born with a steel spoon.. undoubtedly can dream and wish for something but the wish of theirs keeps on shrinking when they come out of their fantasy world..

When we step out of our home, we see, meet many great souls.. running to accomplish their dreams on different path, each having their own style... Everyone having their own problems, each of them handling them in their own way.. And the best thing is that, each one of them considers himself dealing with the things in the best way possible...
hmmm... coming back to me and my sweet family... :) We dream a lot.. Don't know whether it is good or not.. don't know whether we'll be able to full fill those dreams or not.. we dream and act accordingly.. I know that the things we dream for are too far from our reach now.. But according to me, it is necessary for us to have desires, that keeps us moving..
I hope that I may always desire more than I can accomplish.
 A person without desire can not do anything with much interest... We don't desire for everything but of course we should desire for something...

As said by some one “You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.”
Desire may be of anything,of being famous,owning a house, a car,having  a person with one you want to spent whole of your life, a profession, Desire to go foreign.. Having desires have no limitations.. But the main thing to be kept in mind is don't let yourself down if you fail to full fill your desires.. Don't stop dreaming, don't stop hoping..
Just have a look at your past, and see just because of that one desire how many dreams of your are fulfilled.. Try for the old desire one again or have a new desire to accomplish.. But don't lose faith in yourself...
Desire makes life happen. Makes it matter. Makes everything worth it. Desire is life.
You can't help out with where you are born.. But yes it is in your hands that with what spoon you want your children to born with...
You know the answer, so, Start working for it. And if you don't know the answer, then wait and keep waiting, your children will themselves give you the answer..

Saturday, 16 June 2012

I Miss You!!

Sitting Lonely in the Lonely night..
Wishing u to be on my side..
Want to hold you tight..
And want you to sit forever by my side..
I want to cry so loud in front of you..
But m afraid that I will make you cry too..
You are far far away from me..
There are no chance of approaching you by me..
O lord! Where have you taken my soul?
I am not able to live without him anymore..
Lives and Deaths are there in your hand..
But oh Lord! Can u send my soul again on the land?

Monday, 11 June 2012


A word with very deep meaning..(our narrow mind can't understand that)
A word which means a lot to some and nothing to most of us..(the latter ones stay happiee)
A word which according to me used to have no limitation..(But now thinking had changed with time.. This is the only relation with lots of limitations)
A word in which there is no place of sorry and thanks...( But I feel no relationship can last for long without these two words)
It is something with which some people can pass all their life..(But I need air,water and food most :P)

It is something which force you to make promises and later on it is the only one which force you to break it..(PROMISE...hehe.. for me pakka promise is some what more trustworthy. :P)
Friendship.. hehe.. A word around which the whole world revolves....
Some come to know about it a lil faster than others.. and hats off to them... (their IQ level is commendable ;))
The most ajeeb thing about this friendship is that it don't even allow a person to be alone... (Poor WE)

In short... Friendship is like a ocean, doesn't matter you know how to swim or not, If you are off the ship once.. you will drown....

Friday, 1 June 2012

College Life.. Happieee :) Or Sad :(

Earlier in my school days, like every normal kid, I used to dream about my college life. How I will be? What kind of friends I will have.. And the reason I suppose behind all this is movies of that time. Which shows a garnished college life which may be true in reel life but can't exist in real life.
The day I entered college that was 17th of august in the year 2009 to pursue my B.Tech, my thinking was of that kind only!! I thought nothing negative will happen from now. Every one will be my friend. Being a head girl of my school I was a sort of commanding not because I like to command on others but because my duties were of that kind. And I was quite comfortable by knowing that I have to change myself  in that prospective.. And I did.. :)
This topic I choose for those kids who fantasize things. Living in the world of fantasy is not bad.. but try to include some negative things in it. Life is not that smooth as we think in our fantasy world. neither those kind of people exists in real like that of we see or assume in that world of ours. In real life people are a kind of finicky, hypocrite, a lil of selfish.

In my three years of college life, (one long year still left soo lot more to learn)  I had learnt a lot. A lot about human nature, A lot about business, a lot about how difficult it is to be capable of being placed in a good company, I have learned that, during college life it is not knowledge that matters but marks.. but after that I am quite sure that what matters will me our knowledge.
Every one I met till take including my sweet brother never wants that the college life should ever end.. But the case is a little opposite this side. I just want to run away from this life. I don't know what surprises my life have for me next whether good or bad. But yes I want to escape from this life and never want to see back here again!!
The way how we tackle the things matters a lot.. And i failed to do that in this span of my life but learned a lot and for sure apply whatever learned in my upcoming life. :)
Happy to face it.. But sad because I didn't enjoyed my college life enough as thought in my fantasy world.
wellllll... never mind.. ;) one year is still left.. Again hoping that something good will happen which will force me to cry on the last day of the college... :)
Again fantasizing thing.. I love to do that.. And will keep on doing that.. No matter whether anyone of them will come true or not!! 

Remembering You

hmm... My first entry in the blog.... :)
Every time I start a new thing you know that I remember you.
Every time i wanna share that thing with you before anyone else...
I want you to appreciate me for something good done by me and scold me otherwise before anyone else.
I know you can hear my words. That is why I do talk with you every time I feel alone..
I share my experience with you which i feel like no one else can understand..
I fight with you. I argue with you. still I share with you...
No one can see you now, No one can even hear you now, but you know what I can feel you.. and that's what helps me to stay in touch with you..
You are too far away from me... and its not in my hands to be with you now.. But wait for me up there I'll be there someday..

I miss you every time I do something new..
I miss you every time I achieve some thing
I miss you when ever I fail..
I miss you when I smile..
I miss you whenever I feel my pillow wet late at night..
I miss you when I see the things given by you to me..
I miss your wishes when ever I found my self in the examination Hall
I miss your blessings when ever I need them the most..
I miss your words telling me Don't worry kid everything will be alright
I miss you whenever I fight with some one
I miss you in everything happening around me..
I miss you when ever I breathe..
I miss you whenever i feel like hating someone
I am missing you now when I think I am falling in love with some one...
But I hate you too...
I hate you for leaving me alone here..
I hate you for not giving me a chance to pay back what you did for me..
I hate you for resting up there and ask me to face the question arose by everyone I met for the first time..
But every time I try to hate you.. My heart starts loving you more than before...

With Love...
Your Lalli.. <3