Tuesday, 10 June 2014

HaPpIeee BIrtHDay PaPa...

Happy Birthday My Hitler.. I Miss You A Lot... :(

Seven Years ago, same day you were lying in front of me..
At sharp 12 am I wanted to hug you tight but knew you will not hug me back..
I wanted to sing birthday song for you but knew you will not listen to me anymore.
I wanted to give you something on your birthday.. But knew you will not accept it..
I wanted you to cut cake and let me eat whole of it.
I wanted you to smile
I wanted you to talk
I wanted you to listen
I wanted you to to be happy
But... You were not even reacting...

Why didn't you get up that very day?
You chose to sleep and never to get up.
Your loved ones were crying for you dad.. and you kept silent.. You didn't utter a single word out of your mouth and let them cry on your own Birthday..!!
You knew that you are the only man on this earth I love and Trust.. Still you left me.
You were special for me.. You were my hero.. You didn't even let me tell you that how much I love you.
You didn't even gave me chance to say you good bye..
You just went away.. Without giving me a reason of the same.. I was just sitting behind you Dad.. Then why didn't you tell me?

We used to share every single thing then why not this?
You didn't even care how will I feel when you leave me.
You didn't care with whom will I fight and call Hitler.
You didn't even care with whom will I share my thoughts.
I miss the sound of your footsteps on the gate.
I miss the way you used to love me. I miss the way you took care of me. I miss the way you used to scold me when I do some thing wrong.
I Miss you yr..
I see your dreams.. They make me feel happy and sad at the same time.  I wanted you to be with me now..
I wanted you to say to me " No worries dear.. Keep going.. I am with you.. and Proud of you."
I wanted you to tell me what to do when I am in dilemma.
I never wanted you to be part of my dreams. I wanted you to be with me always.. I never imagined a life without you. But you passed away...!! 

I loved you dad.. And I love you.. And you know I will love you always..
I Miss You.. I feel bad that you left me alone.. But my love for you surpasses it..
Where ever you are stay happiee.. And keep on showering your blessings on me...

Happy Birthday Dad... <3