Thursday, 15 May 2014

Honesty and Hard Work sometimes do not Pay Off..!!

The topic may be strange for many people. Honesty and Hard Work are the things that are praised by all but not always...

Today I realize that I was smart as a kid :D

My maa tells me that I used to score good when I was in primary in my class test even if I didn't prepare for them... (How Intelligent I was.. :D)
She is a mother and knows that m not born with super powers (I can't be Dexter of Dexter's Laboratory but I am didi for sure.. :D ask my brother for that) to know what is written in the book without opening them.
She one day asked me how do I score so good as I don't know about anything written in the book, I gave a very cute reply as per her and that was:

" Meko aata to ni.. Bs main thoda aage wale se dkh leti hun and thoda pichhe wale se dkh leti hun."

I was honest to her and hence might have got a slap from her because of this cheating work I did. But I was smarter with the teachers whose test I was taking. I never told her that I don't know anything.

So as far as my perceptions are concerned, Smart Work and Honesty can't run hand in hand.

Then onwards my mother started taking me seriously in terms of studies and make me learn every single thing written in those notebooks in my poor handwriting.. :P (Only my maa is able to understand it.. Thank God she can.. )

Because of the hard work she did on me slowly and steadily I was amongst who believe in hard work.

Now m grown up.. done with my schooling and college..  Now m marching towards the other world a lil farther from the one where grades were used to test your capabilities. Every single day when I go out for work I realize that in today's era your hard work will not be respected if you are not a smart worker.

                                          It Will NOT Pay OFF.

It doesn't matter if you work till your back cracks as long as it's worth in the eyes of those for whom you work.

Feel, Sense and Learn from the people around you. What they do. How they do. You will learn to handle them
But keep Believing  in hard work as smart work and hard work makes a great COMBO of Hybrid Work... (My brother told me this though.. Not tested by me.. :P)

And as far as being smarter is concern, stay happy for that.. The world will make you learn what it feels is correct and you will learn to act smart one day.
Still believing on:

"Your hard work might not pay off today or tomorrow, but it will eventually pay off"

still will do what I am habitual of and world will make me smarter.

Closing writing today, believing my hard work will may off.. not today.. not tomorrow.. But want it to pay off before I close my eyes, stop breathing, lose my sense of feeling... Before I DIE..