Sunday, 11 September 2016

Girls... Be free Be Yourself

Girls...! Sometimes I think in what kind of world we live in..
We are fighting for equality.. Equity is something needed..
We are so much habitual of taking pain.. From threading our eyebrows.. Waxing our arms and legs.. Giving birth.. Pain during menstruation..
Pain.. We have a never ending bond with it.. Some of it we have to tackle as we have no choice to escape that phase.. But most of it we invite.. Invite to look gorgeous..
Have you ever came across someone who pointed you has "Anil Kapoor's Sister/Daughter".. Just because your arms are not waxed..?? I came across one..!! 
If roaming around in vest is okay.. Then who are they to tell us when our strap is out..? After all its another piece of cloth..
If we are doing all this for ourselves.. Great.. But if all this is done so as to please those people with little mind.. Then I am sorry..!
I am sorry I am not going to please you with my beauty but confidence..
I am sorry I am not going to take that pain for you.. But will do that stuff when I feel like.. Won't if I am okay and comfortable with all I have..!
I am sorry I am not going to learn a lesson on "being hygienic" from those who can roam around the city in shorts with one inch long hair..!
I am not born to please you but myself..
And if you have problem... Then you are free to leave and move to another world of fantasy where you may find me living as per your will..!! 
Good Bye..