Sunday, 9 October 2016

One Sided Lover

Dear One Sided Lover,
I hope you are doing good.. I know that this post of mine may come as a thunder to you as no one, especially you, do not expect such things from me..
But today, I feel like its high time to let it all out..
Its been long since we have known each other. We are very well acquainted with each other. We had always tried to be good friends.. We have been together in good and bad times..
On the very first day when you told me this, I have been very clear on my part.. I told you I will not push you out of my life just because you have been too much honest to tell me that you have fallen for me. I respected you then, I respect you now..
It feels bad when you are not able to reciprocate the same love you are getting from someone. I really adore and respect that you never asked for same but dear, it feels really really bad.
I don't have much idea about love. All I know is it is impossible for you and me to force it.
We are and we had been good friends.. But it is really painful when that friendship is garnished with a flavor of love and I fail to say anything as I am not supposed to rule you in any sense..
I know I have been rude many times.. I know sometimes I didn't even acted as a friend when you need one. But I can't help it.
I hate to hurt you. I have no idea whether you believe it or not. But you have to know that sometimes you do things which I am not able to digest.
I do not want you to make a cruel image of love because of me.. As whatever is here is not love..
After few years, if once in a blue moon I pass your mind, I want it to be like a good friend rather than a ruthless bitch.
You asked me to be in your shoes many time.. This time I request you to do the same.. Just once and feel what I am going through everyday since the day of enclosure,
Regards...  :):)