Sunday, 20 December 2015

Fall in love alone...!!

We have heard about many love stories, watched many movies based on love.. It feels good to see and hear such stories.. When one is fully devoted to other.. Ready to do any thing for their love.. Ready to cross any hurdle which comes their way..
Sometimes we hear stories of one sided love.. When one is ready to do anything to be loved by the loved one.. Few become successful and few pass their life listening to old Bollywood songs and gazals..
One sided love....!!! How it feels like when you are being loved by someone and in return you are not able to love them back the same.. Because love is all about the feeling and you don't have one.. How it feels like when you see someone crying in front of you just because they want you and just you but you can't ask them to stop crying and feel helpless as you know that you are the reason behind their tears.. You can do nothing except feeling sorry for yourself.. Feeling restless... And there comes a time when you somewhat fall in front of your own eyes.. Because you can see other person ruining life because of you..!!