Friday, 18 September 2015

Girl.. Go and pick those pieces up!!

Those dreams I saw with eyes full of tears..
Are scattered into pieces and its time to pick that up..
The girls I chose to be once in my lifetime..
Is lost somewhere and its time to bring back her..

The love I thought I will fell into once..
Exists nowhere now and I want to bring it back on earth..
They say I am a dead soul in a body of girl..
And I am wandering for someone who can bring life in the girl..

I know I am not smart enough to understand the world around me..
But I am happy with the perception I have, as sometimes it lit up my face with glee..
I am telling the world not to stand on the door and block the way..
Either move out or come in if you wish to stay..

I may or may not behave the way you want me if you stay..
But I am sorry dear its my life and I have full rights to play..
As now the girl will go and pick those scattered pieces up..
Come along with me if you think I am right..
Else I will lit a candle and show you your way..