Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Life is all about making Mistakes...

There was a time when I used to think that everything done should be done keeping others in mind. To be very true, at that time the thought was respected by me and hence I was respected by MySelf...!!! 
Later, things changed so do I.. :)
I was dragged to Hell by myself, and avoiding the signs all around me, I was so much lost in doing the things that today when I  look back, I have nothing which can be done to bring back the lost ones. 
Now, the point is Who Are The Lost Ones... :P :D
Firstly, It is me... The Old Me.. As we know time changes everything, so how can we remain unchanged??
Some liked the old me and some likes the new one. No one actually cared what I liked.. Never mind, they are living in a democratic country and hence have independence to CommenT..!! 
So Better be what you want to, irrespective of what others are expecting from you.. Because there is some one living inside you and it is your duty to make that someone happy. On the day of your judgement, it will be there standing in front of GOD stating your deeds when you were alive..!! So if you try to keep your seniors happy for the sake of increment or your teachers happy for the sake of marks, then you should make yourself happy for the sake of that JUDGEMENT day..
Secondly, Number of my Friends... From few to peak and then back to few...  Hehe... And to be very True, I am not at all sad about me, Happy Instead.. Because the left ones are true ones.. The one very close to my Heart <3 
Among them, one is very special for me.. Closest to my Heart.. We are more of sisters than friends.. And I seriously don't want anyone else when she is with me... (Sorry If you mind it.. :P )
The second thing made me realize, that it is not the Quantity but the Quality of Friends that matters... :D

Earlier I want to have 212 friends on myspace like Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory.. But now 12 are enough for me... ;)

Sometimes, beautiful lessons are taught in the worst way possible and other times worst lessons are taught in the most beautiful way.

This is all about the life, making mistakes and learn something appropriate in response.. 

"If you are alive, you make mistakes and if you don't then you haven't learnt anything"