Friday, 1 June 2012

Remembering You

hmm... My first entry in the blog.... :)
Every time I start a new thing you know that I remember you.
Every time i wanna share that thing with you before anyone else...
I want you to appreciate me for something good done by me and scold me otherwise before anyone else.
I know you can hear my words. That is why I do talk with you every time I feel alone..
I share my experience with you which i feel like no one else can understand..
I fight with you. I argue with you. still I share with you...
No one can see you now, No one can even hear you now, but you know what I can feel you.. and that's what helps me to stay in touch with you..
You are too far away from me... and its not in my hands to be with you now.. But wait for me up there I'll be there someday..

I miss you every time I do something new..
I miss you every time I achieve some thing
I miss you when ever I fail..
I miss you when I smile..
I miss you whenever I feel my pillow wet late at night..
I miss you when I see the things given by you to me..
I miss your wishes when ever I found my self in the examination Hall
I miss your blessings when ever I need them the most..
I miss your words telling me Don't worry kid everything will be alright
I miss you whenever I fight with some one
I miss you in everything happening around me..
I miss you when ever I breathe..
I miss you whenever i feel like hating someone
I am missing you now when I think I am falling in love with some one...
But I hate you too...
I hate you for leaving me alone here..
I hate you for not giving me a chance to pay back what you did for me..
I hate you for resting up there and ask me to face the question arose by everyone I met for the first time..
But every time I try to hate you.. My heart starts loving you more than before...

With Love...
Your Lalli.. <3