Friday, 1 June 2012

College Life.. Happieee :) Or Sad :(

Earlier in my school days, like every normal kid, I used to dream about my college life. How I will be? What kind of friends I will have.. And the reason I suppose behind all this is movies of that time. Which shows a garnished college life which may be true in reel life but can't exist in real life.
The day I entered college that was 17th of august in the year 2009 to pursue my B.Tech, my thinking was of that kind only!! I thought nothing negative will happen from now. Every one will be my friend. Being a head girl of my school I was a sort of commanding not because I like to command on others but because my duties were of that kind. And I was quite comfortable by knowing that I have to change myself  in that prospective.. And I did.. :)
This topic I choose for those kids who fantasize things. Living in the world of fantasy is not bad.. but try to include some negative things in it. Life is not that smooth as we think in our fantasy world. neither those kind of people exists in real like that of we see or assume in that world of ours. In real life people are a kind of finicky, hypocrite, a lil of selfish.

In my three years of college life, (one long year still left soo lot more to learn)  I had learnt a lot. A lot about human nature, A lot about business, a lot about how difficult it is to be capable of being placed in a good company, I have learned that, during college life it is not knowledge that matters but marks.. but after that I am quite sure that what matters will me our knowledge.
Every one I met till take including my sweet brother never wants that the college life should ever end.. But the case is a little opposite this side. I just want to run away from this life. I don't know what surprises my life have for me next whether good or bad. But yes I want to escape from this life and never want to see back here again!!
The way how we tackle the things matters a lot.. And i failed to do that in this span of my life but learned a lot and for sure apply whatever learned in my upcoming life. :)
Happy to face it.. But sad because I didn't enjoyed my college life enough as thought in my fantasy world.
wellllll... never mind.. ;) one year is still left.. Again hoping that something good will happen which will force me to cry on the last day of the college... :)
Again fantasizing thing.. I love to do that.. And will keep on doing that.. No matter whether anyone of them will come true or not!!