Monday, 11 June 2012


A word with very deep meaning..(our narrow mind can't understand that)
A word which means a lot to some and nothing to most of us..(the latter ones stay happiee)
A word which according to me used to have no limitation..(But now thinking had changed with time.. This is the only relation with lots of limitations)
A word in which there is no place of sorry and thanks...( But I feel no relationship can last for long without these two words)
It is something with which some people can pass all their life..(But I need air,water and food most :P)

It is something which force you to make promises and later on it is the only one which force you to break it..(PROMISE...hehe.. for me pakka promise is some what more trustworthy. :P)
Friendship.. hehe.. A word around which the whole world revolves....
Some come to know about it a lil faster than others.. and hats off to them... (their IQ level is commendable ;))
The most ajeeb thing about this friendship is that it don't even allow a person to be alone... (Poor WE)

In short... Friendship is like a ocean, doesn't matter you know how to swim or not, If you are off the ship once.. you will drown....